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How to improve laptop performance

Have there been complaints about the performance of your laptop computer? Not always the situation has gone so far as to be required. laptop repair Kiev . Perhaps the whole thing in the non-optimal settings that are worth reconsidering. This will give the opportunity to make the work really efficient and get the desired results Of course, this will have to abandon the serious perception of the default settings. They will need to be selected for the configuration of your system.

There is a misconception: optimizing the work of a laptop is a business for professionals only; an amateur either will fail or it will take a very long time. But this is not always the case, and in any case, after your experiments, you will definitely not need laptop repair Kiev . Of course, in the event that you do not take a screwdriver and do not climb inside - this can really be unsafe for your computer. The optimization process will not take too much time, it is one-time, and you will feel the difference in speed quite quickly. Do not be afraid of bold experiments, because if something goes wrong, you can always put the original settings.

What are the reasons why the performance of the system may significantly decrease? Perhaps due to the simultaneous operation of several resident programs that put a significant load on the far from infinite resource of the system. Decide: Are you considering to rearrange Microsoft Windows? If the answer is yes, then first make sure that you have a licensed version and that you can do it. If the process itself is new to you or there are any problems during the installation process, then you can always contact A-Service. If the reinstallation is not new to you, in any case, write down the brand of the video card, sound card, Wi-Fi adapter - all this is necessary in order to then get the necessary drivers.

Do you have SSD and hard disk in your system? Make sure that the operating system is on a solid-state SSD drive. If it is not, then put it on the SSD, and the response rate of applications will increase significantly. Now it is necessary to put Windows. This will give an opportunity to remove in one fell swoop all the extra programs that were installed on your previous system. Believe me, there may be a lot of extras among them. Have you reinstalled windows? Now get drivers for all the devices you need. To do this, take the drive that most likely was attached to your laptop. But if you purchased it for a long time, then the versions may be outdated for a long time. So do not forget to download them in advance and write to a flash card.

But perhaps for any reason you would not want to reinstall the system? Then extra programs can be removed manually. First, find an application that will diagnose the system and clean it of unnecessary pre-installed programs. Then analyze what was in your autorun. It is very likely that there will be quite a lot of excess, and not even the fact that you remember how to put them. To do this, type in the search bar after clicking on the "Start" - msconfig, then press Enter. In the services section, select “Do not display Microsoft components” - in order not to accidentally remove something really important. And now remove everything from the “Startup” file, except for the anti-virus program (if you need something, you will enable it). You will be amazed how much faster your laptop will work when you get rid of all kinds of notifications and reminders from social networks.

You often take your laptop with you, and it matters to you how long it will last? Change the settings to maximize this period. In the control panel, look for the section "Power". Surely there is a "balanced" mode, but this is not the best option to increase the duration of work. Select "Power Plan Setup" and then "Change advanced power settings." In the menu there will be the item “Power Buttons and Cover”, find the section “Action after closing the cover” and put “sleep” there. And in the "Action of the power button" menu, select "Shut down". The extra hour and a half is sure to add to you.

Do you need to add RAM? This can prompt the laptop itself. Select the “Tools and Performance Counters” section in the control panel. If there is a figure in front of the memory above 5.9 points, then you should not worry, and if it is below 5.5, then it would not hurt to add. In "A-Service" not only carry out laptop repair Kiev , but also upgrade. Another memory bar will solve the problem.

Previously, the laptop worked well, but now much worse? Perform defragmentation, perhaps the problem is this. The fact is that files are written to the disk in “chunks”, which are mixed, and as a result access becomes slower. Defragmentation will put everything in the right order. To do this, select the disk, right-click on "Properties" - "Tools" - "Run defragmentation". After the process is completed, the laptop is likely to run faster. How often do you use internal search? Never or very rarely? Then choose “properties” - “common”, and then uncheck the “allow indexing the contents of files on this disk in addition to the file properties”.

Another reason for performance degradation is the activity of spyware. You may not even guess what they are, but they use the resources of your system in full. Moreover, they often end up on a computer bypassing the antivirus, since they are not defined as a danger. Often they are downloaded "in load" to other programs. If programs with mysterious names appear in your autoload that cannot be unloaded, then this is most likely the case. In addition, they can generate advertising windows or change the home page in the browser. Put antispyware software, and the problem will be solved.

Use simple tricks and progress will be noticeable. And if something does not work out, please contact us at A-Service.