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How to learn Python and find a job

The most difficult thing in learning a new language, including Python, is to make a training plan and find support in the person of an experienced comrade.

Python is one of the five most popular programming languages ​​by results. research Stackoverflow. This language is loved by developers for their clear and concise syntax, as well as for their inherent universality. Python is a backend and web template generation, system utilities and desktop applications, data mining and machine learning.

Python is universal - it is used both for writing applications, and for creating extensions and integrating individual solutions.

The frameworks most popular in web development - Flask and Django - are written in Python. Pandas and Scikit-Learn libraries for researching large amounts of data are written in Python. YouTube frontend is partially implemented in Python.

Therefore, in almost any large IT company there is a direction that is being developed on Python. Such giants in Russia include, for example, Avito, Yandex and Mail.Ru. In the vacancies section of each of these companies there is a relevant announcement about the search for a pythonist.

Most employers need not so much knowledge as the ability to apply them. So, according to statistics, at the request of the Python-Developer for 2017, the share of vacancies with the requirement of development experience from 1 to 3 years is 50%. Vacancy rate with no experience - 7%.

Vacancy rate with no experience - 7%

Since such companies employ entire departments of programmers, the experience of team work with the code is also important, it is important to understand what professional pythonist comrades say. Therefore, knowledge of the syntax of the language alone will not be enough to find the first job, you need to be able to:

  • Write clean code
  • Build sites with Django
  • Valid layout, including using Bootstrap
  • Know the algorithms and data structures
  • Know the principles of OOP
  • Work with git

Although Python is an easy-to-learn programming language, self-study is complicated because of its versatility. It will be difficult, if not impossible, for a beginner to make a literate language learning plan without knowledge. And mistakes and difficulties will regularly prevent you from moving further, forcing you to spend hours and days on googling.

However, in the days of online universities, learning new is not a problem. In the case of Pitog, a beginner will be helped by studying at the GeekUniversity online university of Mail.Ru Group at the faculty Python development .

Ru Group at the faculty   Python development

In the annual course on Python, the developer creates 4 projects, each of which will be a milestone in the future resume. The site also provides a personal tutor who will help you quickly deal with problems when creating a project.

And attend GeekUniversity online will need no more than 2-3 times a week, in the evening.

A year later, students will have a resume, a portfolio (for example, their own payment system and a Django site written from scratch), experience in application design and team development.

Do not forget to add here the electives from Avito and Mail.Ru, as well as a course in preparing for the interview. In the end, if you go back to HeadHunter's statistics, the number of competitors among applicants will decrease in a year - 18% with experience against 21% without.

Classes will begin on September 21, so it's best not to postpone. Learn more about the program and leave a request on page online university.

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