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How to make better phone reception. How to enhance the phone signal: the causes of a bad signal and do-it-yourself problem solving

  1. How to make better phone reception. How to enhance the phone signal: the causes of a bad signal and...
  2. Ways to improve mobile communications
  3. How to improve mobile communications with a repeater
  4. How to improve the 3G signal
  5. 3G signal repeater
  6. Benefits of a 3G signal amplifier
  7. How to improve the 3G signal
  8. Gain without the use of special equipment
  9. Antenna Gain

How to make better phone reception. How to enhance the phone signal: the causes of a bad signal and do-it-yourself problem solving

It seems that nowadays cellular communication is everywhere. Certainly in large cities it is everywhere! And in desperate villages, of course, it is weak or not at all. This conventional wisdom is often deceptive. Since even in large metropolitan areas there are a lot of "blind spots" where improvement is required cellular communication .

Why is there a need to improve mobile phone reception?

At the heart of all problems with mobile communications - shielding cellular signal objects or long distance base station. Shielded signal can neighboring buildings, building walls, floor slabs and more. Therefore, the improvement of cellular signals becomes necessary.

Ways to improve mobile communications

In order to improve communication on the phone, you can try to hold it when talking differently - with two fingers instead of the whole palm, on the top, on the middle or on the bottom of the phone or shift it to the other hand. The fact is that a person’s hand can close the antenna built into the phone and significantly degrade the quality of its work, which becomes critical in areas with poor reception.

As a rule, cellular communication is improved if you climb a hill - a hill, a hill or a loft at home. To improve communication on the phone, you can change the cellular operator, since the base stations of different operators are located in different places and work with different power.

How to improve mobile communications with a repeater

However, often all of the above methods do not give the necessary result or are simply inconvenient. If you want to improve the quality of cellular communication at home, in the office or in the country, then the most convenient and effective method - install a cellular signal amplification system. Such a system consists of external antenna which is installed outside the room (on the wall or on the roof), the repeater and the internal antenna, which are located inside the room. This system creates a "zone of confident reception", within which you can easily talk on a mobile phone. - VEGATEL VT-900-kit kit or kit for self install SOTOBOX

Puzzled by the search for a device to enhance the cellular signal, the buyer faces an abundance of brands, models, manufacturers, which usually confuses him. What to choose to improve mobile communications ? Our company's engineers on a daily basis solve customer problems to improve the quality of cellular communications. After long-term operation of equipment to enhance the mobile signal of various manufacturers, our company has made a choice in favor of the Russian manufacturer VEGATEL. For ourselves, we decided that this is the best of what is presented on the domestic market.

VEGATEL equipment is distinguished by:
The best value for money. VEGATEL equipment does not belong to the equipment of the lowest price segment. However, the quality and stability of his work is much higher than Chinese counterparts. This equipment always gives the specifications stated by the manufacturer and does not create interference. base stations cellular operators.
A wide range of amplifying equipment, in which there is a large number of dual-band repeaters, which allows you to enhance all mobile operators in the area for a low cost.
Technical support all customers. If difficulties arise during installation and during operation, you can always get a full consultation from VEGATEL experts.
A full range of all necessary for the implementation of projects to strengthen cellular communications. VEGATEL produces not only repeaters but also boosters, antennas, antenna amplifiers, attenuators, splitters and splitters.

Modern 3G phone is a mobile phone that is compatible with 3G technologies of the third generation, which significantly increase the speed of information exchange. However, like most others mobile networks , the 3G network periodically has problems with poor signal reception. Moreover, since 3G constantly connects to the Internet, low level cellular service closes for you access to and the Internet.

How to improve the 3G signal

Improving the quality of the 3G signal is not difficult if you know how to do it. On our site we offer you easy-to-use and inexpensive devices designed to amplify the signal. The 3G data transfer rate is directly proportional to the strength of the signal, so by amplifying the signal, you also increase the data transfer rate. 3G signal amplifier is a simple solution to many problems with your 3G network.

3G signal repeater

3G amplifiers come complete with two antennas - external and internal. While the internal antenna is connected to your phone, the external one is connected to the nearest cell phone tower. These antennas enhance and improve 3G signal reception.

The coverage area of ​​the internal antenna depends on the quality of the incoming signal, so ideally the device should be installed outside the building or near the window for better reception of the signal.

Benefits of a 3G signal amplifier

To ensure quality reception, a 3G signal amplifier can be used everywhere, even in a car. 3G technology involves a high data transfer rate, which is achieved with the help of this device. This not only improves the signal strength, but also increases the service life of your mobile phone .

The 3G signal amplifier is easy to install and easy to use, giving you easy access to the 3G network, wherever you are. This device increases the network coverage area, allowing you to use the telephone without any interference, both for sound calls and for other tasks. By enhancing the 3G signal, you also reduce the amount of radiation that the phone emits, thereby you increase its service life and benefit your health.

The coverage area of ​​the 3G signal amplifier may vary depending on your needs. Our site provides a wide selection of 3G signal amplifiers.

How to improve the 3G signal

Like any other repeaters or cellular signal amplifiers, 3G amplifiers help not only to improve the quality of signal reception during telephone conversations, but also increase the speed of data transmission, which is very important when using the Internet.

Thanks to the 3G amplifier, you will always be in touch with the outside world and will be able to solve all personal and professional issues promptly and without problems.

The positive thing is that the engineers have already invented several options for getting rid of such inconveniences. The disadvantages include requirements for additional financial investments and the complexity of setting up communication gain systems. However, let's not get ahead of ourselves and tell about all this in order.

Signal booster for mobile phone

The simplest way to avoid a weak signal is to install the amplifier not on a specific area or building, but on a specific phone. Similar antenna amplifiers look like stickers and are glued inside the device case or on its back cover.

The signal is amplified by changing the radiation pattern of the telephone’s own antenna and increasing the total induction of the two antennas.

The disadvantage of this method can be considered a change in the circular reception of a mobile phone to a narrowly targeted one. Simply put, the signal will improve significantly in the case when you direct the phone in the direction of the tower of the mobile operator. In other cases, the signal quality on the contrary will fall. How effective such a mobile signal booster is for you personally is, of course, to decide for yourself.

The next way to enhance the quality of communication is a point amplifier mobile signal with a small radius of coverage. This option is suitable for cases where the zone of confident signal is just a few meters from your workplace.

The ThinkGeek mobile phone cellular signal amplifier consists of a small antenna and an amplifier directly that plugs into your laptop's USB connector. The length of the cord allows you to cover a radius of 4.5 m from the user, while the good signal zone will spread 1.5 m from the computer.

The undoubted advantage of such devices is their budget, but the apparent limited action makes them ineffective for large companies.

Amplifier mobile signal for large areas

Efficient systems to solve a problem. bad signal at the enterprises, in basements or, for example, in country houses, consist of a number of the devices which are picked up and configured properly. Signal amplifier mobile internet has a similar structure and consists of similar components.

As the receiving element of such systems is the antenna, which is often installed on the mast and sent to the side of the tower of the mobile operator. The problem is the necessity of laying long cables to the internal antennas, which weakens the signal strength in proportion to the meter.

To reduce the signal loss, at the maximum possible distance to the receiving antenna, mount a repeater, which amplifies the GSM signal. Repeaters are characterized by gain (KU), output power and differ in the working ranges. For transmission amplified signal in concrete rooms, rooms, etc. use a divider that spreads the signal to the internal antennas.

Internal antennas also have their own KU and are designed for a specific coverage area.

It is worth knowing that improperly selected or assembled equipment has the opposite effect and suppresses the already weak signal. Mobile operators can give a warning to the owner of such a system, and in the absence of a response, obtain penalties through Radio Surveillance. The conclusion suggests itself: if you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to contact the experts.

Now, every second citizen of the Russian Federation needs Internet access. However, there are cases when in any village, village or just on the outskirts of the city there is no possibility to connect to the 3G signal of the mobile operator. This phenomenon is commonplace, since the signal is very strongly distorted by natural obstacles: trees, buildings, etc. If you want to improve the reception of 3G, you will need a signal amplifier or antenna 3g.

So, the 3G signal can be enhanced:

  • without the use of special equipment;
  • using antennas.

Gain without the use of special equipment

In order to increase the signal power in the room or in the country, it is necessary to make the signal reach the antenna of the phone or usb modem as much as possible. If the usb-modem is connected to a Wi-Fi router, then using an extension cord, it is better to bring it as far as possible to the street and fix it somewhere higher, for example, under the visor. As a rule, this method is effective. If this does not help, you can make an analog satellite dish from a bowl or pan. The signal shields from the surface of the "plate", and the power increases.

Antenna Gain

If you do not particularly want to spend time on the construction of such facilities, then you can buy a conventional antenna amplifier. Fortunately, there are many such antennas in various stores and on websites selling Chinese goods. The antenna itself is a device in which a transmitter is hidden, which increases by several times, compared to a telephone antenna or a usb modem antenna, the level of a mobile signal. Such a device will cost about 1,500 rubles.

Why is there a need to improve mobile phone reception?