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How to transfer through a mobile bank. How to transfer money through a mobile bank

  1. Emergency financial assistance
  2. How it works
  3. Common cause
  4. How to transfer funds
  5. This can be done in the most convenient way for you:
  6. How is the transfer of funds
  7. Translations
  8. Instructions
  9. Advantages and disadvantages

In our life we ​​often face situations when it is necessary to transfer money very quickly. Suppose to help your loved ones or friends. A few years ago, to carry out this operation, you would have to go to a bank branch and make a money transfer via ATM. Today, money can be transferred without any problems almost anywhere using SMS alerts. It is also worth noting that for this operation, you do not need to remember by heart Bank details the recipient. It is only necessary to remember him. mobile number . Sberbank is the most reliable and popular bank in Russia. Therefore, many people very often use its services and offers. In this article we decided to tell you how to transfer money through mobile bank to another Sberbank card.

Emergency financial assistance

Before you learn how to transfer money through a mobile bank by card number, you need to report some points. So, at present, there are many different methods of transferring money to another person. Below we list them for review.

  1. So, money can be transferred by visiting a bank branch.
  2. Another transfer can be made using an ATM.
  3. There is another way to transfer it using the Internet bank.

But it is worth noting that more convenient and in a simple way translation is - translation from plastic card to the card using SMS alerts. For this, both the receiver and the sender must have debit card Sberbank and a connected sms service called Mobile Bank.

How it works

A common question for Sberbank customers is how to transfer money through Sberbank's mobile bank. And if you are among these people, then carefully read our recommendations.

You can make a money transfer to your friends or you can when you want. You do not need to tear yourself away from the decision. current tasks . The most important thing is that your cell phone is always in the access zone, and you have money on your Sberbank card.

All you need is to send SMS messages to short number 900, and specify the following combination of letters and numbers:

Translation 9XX1234567 500.

AT in this case - 9XX1234567- number itself cell phone recipient money transfer and 500 is the amount to be transferred. Do not forget to put spaces between the word Translation number and the amount.

In order to verify the amount and full name of the recipient, a message will be sent to your cell phone about all the details of the transfer. To complete this operation , you will also need to send an SMS confirmation message, which will come to you in a reply message.

That's the whole operation. Maybe you will transfer several thousand rubles to your loved ones, or send a small money transfer to your child for any expenses. In any case, the amount of transfer does not matter - with the help of SMS messages you can transfer from 10 to 8,000 thousand rubles per day. You must admit that this is very convenient if you constantly make money transfers to relatives in neighboring cities and towns.

That situation is quite pleasant when a perfectly debugged system works very clearly and quickly, and all the basic operations are performed with the least effort. Do you make transfers to your relatives on a monthly basis? Then remember that remittances to your children or parents can be made simpler. More popular to your recipients, you can assign certain names or aliases. In this case, the money transfer can be made easily with the help of SMS, which will consist of only 2 words. Suppose Dad 6000 or Lena 600.

To perform this operation, you will need to send the following SMS to the number 900:

Call 9HH1234567MAMA. In this case, the cell phone number of the person to whom you assigned this or that name.

The personal list of recipients can be edited and, if necessary, deleted previously created entries by sending a special request to the same short number 900.

Common cause

Money matters may concern not only your family. Almost every day a person enters into a monetary relationship with his acquaintances or work colleagues. For example, on the birthday of your employee, the whole team decided to collect a gift for the birthday man. But it may happen that the necessary amount of money you have in this moment there will be no time. This situation it can be solved in just a few minutes - just send an SMS to number 900 and indicate the mobile phone number of the person in charge of the cathedral Money and the required amount.

For convenience, the recipient’s message can be sent as a confirmation of the transfer to the following text: For a gift to Oleg.

Suppose, in this case, it is worth sending an SMS to number 900 with the following combination indication: 9ХХ1234567 600 as a present to Oleg.

In this combination - 9ХХ1234567 - number mobile phone the recipient of the money transfer, and 600 - the amount of the transfer, For Present to Oleg - the accompanying notification.

Our life consists of a mass of all kinds of surprises and surprises, some of them can be foreseen in advance, and some planned money spendings can happen to you and at home, and on a trip and with friends. These situations can be easily solved by just one simple method - call your friends or relatives and ask them to transfer money to your card via SMS. Suppose your wife saw a sale in a boutique, and she needed money to make bargain . Or, on a weekday, your brother calls you and asks you to borrow a small money amount ? It is Sberbank that can quickly resolve all these issues. Now you know how to transfer money through a Sberbank mobile bank to a Sberbank card. Use our recommendations and then your life will be much easier.

See also the video:

Is it possible to dispose of personal funds bank account Having only a mobile phone at hand? Yes! Sberbank clients have recently had such an opportunity. By activating the service "", they can make payments, transfers and other cash transactions in just a couple of minutes. For example, .

How to transfer funds

You can transfer to your own cards, if there are several of them, or to bank cards of others. To make the payment successful, you need to make sure that:

  1. personal cards are connected to the Mobile Bank;
  2. A template (order) for transferring funds was created for third-party cards.

    This can be done in the most convenient way for you:

  • use by selecting the function "sms-templates" ();
  • recover in person at Sberbank or any of its branches, without forgetting to take a passport;
  • take advantage of bank terminals self-service if they support the template creation function.

How is the transfer of funds

To transfer money from your card to another personal bank card or third-party cards, you need to send a short SMS message. Letters can be typed using Cyrillic or Latin font, at their sole discretion. The text of the message will have the following format - “TRANSFER 9876 5432 18500” , where:

  • “TRANSFER” OR “PEREVOD” - this word means a command to transfer funds;
  • 9876 - the last four digits of the sender's card number, i.e. your bank card with which the payment will be made;
  • 5432 - the last four digits of the card number of the Recipient, i.e. the card on which the funds will be received;
  • 18,500 is the amount of the money transfer. It is denoted by an integer, without kopecks.

The amount is indicated in the currency in which the Sender's card account is opened (for example, in Russian rubles, euros or US dollars). When transferring funds do not forget about currency law Russian Federation . Therefore translations in foreign currency carried out only from one personal card to another personal card i.e. and the Sender's card and the Recipient's card must be opened for one individual . Funds transfer to Russian rubles can be made both on personal bank cards, and on the cards of unauthorized persons.

After sending the sms about the transfer of funds from the bank to your mobile terminal You will receive an SMS reply that the payment has been made.

The transfer procedure is simplified if the Payee is also a user of the Mobile Bank service, i.e. his phone is connected to this sms-service. Then the Sender is not required to create a template (order) for the transfer of funds. He may not know the number at all. bank card The recipient. Payment is carried out using SMS messages of the following format: "TRANSFER 9 ********* ХХХХ" , where

If the Sender has several bank cards , you must specify which card will be debited. SMS will have next view : “TRANSLATION YYYY 9 ********* XXXX , where

YYYY is the last four digits of the Sender’s bank card number.

After sending the required content to the number 900, you should wait for a response message from the bank. It will contain the activation code, the amount of the transfer and the name of the Recipient. It is necessary to check the correctness of the sent details and only then confirm the payment by sending an activation code (without quotes) to the number 900. Arriving at your mobile terminal text message from the bank will inform that payment transaction successfully completed.

Sberbank has long departed from the old standards of work. And now all users can make payments and transfers not only from its branches, but also through the Internet, and even through the telephone.

Mobile Bank will provide you with the following features:

  • receive complete information about the movement of money from a plastic card,% accruals on investments, etc;
  • block and unblock the availability of money;
  • transfer money from card to card Sberbank to friends and relatives;
  • receive special codes and passwords when paying for various purchases in online stores;
  • replenish accounts without visiting a banking organization or using a terminal;
  • receive messages about new banking products.


How to transfer money to any Sberbank card via Sberbank Mobile Bank How to transfer money to any Sberbank card via Sberbank Mobile Bank? Consider the details of the transaction in more detail.

Rules for the transfer.

  • transfer from card to card via Mobile Bank is done via SMS. They are sent from mobile phones, whose SIM cards are tied to Sberbank card accounts, or using plastic card numbers;
  • You must have money on the phone’s balance, because the service of transferring funds to 900 is paid for by SMS (the cost is normal according to the tariffs of your operator);
  • Card accounts of the sender and addressee must be in rubles. Either the transfer of funds from the ruble to the dollar / euro card will occur with recalculation at the current exchange rate;
  • You cannot send your savings from corporate, credit or virtual cards;
  • if you have two or three Sberbank cards issued to the phone from which you are sending funds, then the transfer to the addressee’s card is made automatically from the priority account (often from the payroll card);
  • the limit on sending money per day is 8,000 rubles;
  • during the day you will be able to carry out only 10 operations with money from the Sberbank card;
  • to refuse to provide the service, you need to write an SMS to number 900. In the message you need to use one of the following commands: “ZERO”, “NULL”, “ZERO”;
  • when transferring funds within one region, no commission is charged. If the client is geographically located elsewhere, then 1% of the amount of the transfer is charged.


To transfer funds from between two cards, it is required to send the following text to the short number 900: "TRANSFER 0123 9991112233 300". Where the digits “0123” are the extreme four digits of your card number, “9991112233” is the number of the mobile addressee that owns a Sberbank card, and 300 is the number of rubles that you send.

In the reply message will be given the data of the person to whom you send the money. Namely, the full name of the last name indicates only the first letter. Validation of data is performed using the sent code. The receipt of funds will be sent to the notification number of the recipient.

Translation by card number is carried out in the same way, only instead of the recipient's phone number, the recipient’s card number is indicated - for example, “TRANSFER 1111222233334444 700”. Money through the mobile bank will receive a plastic card account with this number: 1111 2222 3333 4444. And 700 rubles will be sent.

For automation and convenience of the process with regular transfers, it is possible to register the recipient's pseudonym through Sberbank - the message “NAME 89129876543 SISTER” is sent to the short number 900. In case of further transfers from a mobile phone, it will be enough to dial "SISTER 500" or top up the balance of your cell phone "TEL SISTER 200".

If you have 2 or more valid cards Savings Bank, then the money really send it with the most convenient. To do this, before the number of the recipient should specify the 4 extreme numbers right card . For example, "TRANSLATION 6395 SISTER 800".

For a transaction to another card, instead of the word "TRANSFER" it is allowed to use "PEREVESTI", "TRANSFER", "PEREVOD".

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of sending money from a Sberbank card via Mobile Bank are: The main advantages of sending money from a Sberbank card via Mobile Bank are:

  • ease of service connection;
  • convenience of transaction;
  • instant transfer to a card or phone;
  • Bank transfer at any time of the day;
  • does not require access to the network and Internet banking;
  • no need to go to a bank branch or look for an ATM to transfer money;
  • preservation control financial assets on the bill.

This service is simple and convenient for all categories of the population.

When using the service you should be careful when:

  • set of information on credit cards and phone numbers to avoid sending their Sberbank funds to a Sberbank card belonging to an outside party;
  • You should monitor the security of your mobile, do not install games and applications from unknown sources, and regularly conduct anti-virus checks in order to protect your savings;
  • the transfer to the card is carried out only between the clients of Sberbank;
  • if the phone is lost, it is necessary to urgently block the service and subscriber number of the cellular operator;
  • when a mobile phone is changed, the transfer of the Mobile Bank service to the transferred number is required.

There is a situation where urgently required financial help parents? Not sure how to transfer money? Do not have the opportunity to leave the workplace to visit banking organization ? There is always a way out and any unplanned situation can be resolved in the shortest amount of time. If you have a Sberbank card, then transferring a certain amount is quite simple from the Mobile Bank.

No matter where the sender and the recipient are located geographically, prompt receipt of money on the account will help to cope with problems or make an unplanned but advantageous purchase.

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