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How to create a new windows live id. The provided Windows Live ID is not associated with a player tag.

  1. Creating a Windows Live ID on a computer
  2. Creating a Windows Live ID via a mobile device
  3. How to prepare to create a new account
  4. How to quickly create a new account
  5. Mobile version of registration

A concept such as Windows Live ID should be understood primarily as the email address and password that will be used to sign in to various services. For example, using this ID, a user can log in to: Xbox LIVE, Zune, Hotmail, MSN, Messenger, start a phone search or OneDrive (previously - SkyDrive). Thus, it turns out that a Windows Live ID account is needed to synchronize various information: contacts, download games and applications, work on the Internet, etc. If the user does not have a Windows Live ID, then he is unlikely to be able to download anything through special Microsoft applications, restore his notebook on a new mobile device, etc.

In order to create a Windows Live ID account, the user will need either a personal computer with Internet access, or mobile phone based on OS Windows (this also requires a network connection). The process of creating a Windows Live ID takes a few minutes, after which you can use absolutely all Microsoft services and features of the Windows operating system.

Creating a Windows Live ID on a computer

In order to create a Windows Live ID account via a computer, go to the official Microsoft website. After you log in to the site, you will have to fill in absolutely all the fields available on the site. They can be filled as you like, but you need to consider that if you specify a age less than 18 years, then you can not download anything from the Microsoft store. You can specify any available mailbox. Next you need to specify your mobile phone number. Of course, you can specify any other, but then you will not be able to recover the password if you forget it. It is also necessary to specify the region and zip code. After you fill in all the fields, click on the button "Create account". At this registration procedure account Windows Live ID can be considered complete.

Creating a Windows Live ID via a mobile device

Owner mobile device based on the Windows operating system, can create a Windows Live ID when you first set up your phone. To do this, follow the instructions of the phone, after its first launch, until you reach the “Windows Live ID” item. Then you can click on the "Login" button if you already have a Windows Live ID, or click on the "Create" button and follow all instructions. Here you will need to specify your: full name, mobile phone number, email address, password, country of residence and postal identifier. After you create your Windows Live ID account, you can link it to the services on your mobile phone via Settings.

Often, when using a home or work computer on Windows, users need to create a separate workspace. It is much more convenient when working with accounts for each user separately, this gives access to their files, documents and programs.

And even the browser settings for each user can be different, and this greatly affects the usability.

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And then the question arises of creating a Microsoft account, because Windows is one of the most common operating systems to date.

How to prepare to create a new account

In addition to the convenience of working on the same computer with household or work colleagues, a Microsoft account helps to combine several devices, such as a personal computer and a mobile phone. Then the necessary files and documents are always at your fingertips.

Previously , Microsoft accounts were called Windows Live IDs. This account gives access to the most popular Windows services such as:

  • Windows Phone (for users of smartphones on the Windows platform);
  • Outlook;
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.);
  • Skype

It can be described as a combination Email with a password that must be set to the user himself . Mail can be registered in absolutely any e-mail system.

To get started, you should still check: perhaps you have already registered an account in Windows Live id. This is possible if the user has previously had accounts in the above popular services. With this data, you can log in to other Microsoft services using the same login information.

If you find that your accounts are a live id. These services have already been created, but you have problems logging in; you can simply send a password recovery request, the answer to which will be sent to the email address provided during registration. And you can also create a new mailbox based on the previously registered.

Registration at least in one of these services allows you to synchronize data with social networks Twitter and Facebook, as well as with Windows Phone.

How to quickly create a new account

If the user already has a permanent email inbox, then use it to simply create a new Microsoft account from scratch If the user already has a permanent email inbox, then use it to simply create a new Microsoft account from scratch . To do this, on the page you need to select the "Register" item. It is located on the page at the bottom right. After that, a page will open on which you need to enter the necessary information in each field: the email address in the “Username” line and password.

The password must be strong enough to avoid the possibility of hacking the account. For better reliability, it should:

  1. consist of 8−12 characters;
  2. include numbers and Latin letters of different registers (large and small).

Also, it is useful to enter your phone number for identification and better protection, as well as the correct date of birth and gender. This information can be useful if the user needs to urgently restore the password and access to your account.

After that, the system requires you to enter verification characters to verify that the data is entered by a person, and not by a machine. Fill out all the fields, click the "Create an account" button.

Creating an account is fast, in just a few seconds . During this time, you need to check your mailbox, which will receive a letter with a link to confirm your account from the Microsoft technical support service. By clicking on the link from the letter, the user is automatically redirected to the page with his created account. There will already appear general information about the user, his personal data and name.

If the user does not have a mailbox and you need to create a Microsoft account from scratch , then you just need to select the “Get a new email address” option on the page to create a new Microsoft Live id account under the line with your email address. The system will offer to come up with a name for the mailbox or choose from the options and check the address for availability. Also, the user himself chooses a domain name for his email address. On Microsoft, this is one of two options : or

Mobile version of registration

For mobile users, there is another fairly convenient way to register - via phone number For mobile users, there is another fairly convenient way to register - via phone number. In the line of the user name during registration you need to enter your phone number, select the country in which the number is registered (to determine the code). Then the registration confirmation code will come directly to the phone in SMS from the service technical support Windows

Creating a new Microsoft account (Live id) is a very simple process, but at the same time it greatly simplifies the life of a Windows user, combining all the essentials for everyday activities.

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